ALTAIRE PHARMACEUTICALS (Aquebogue, NY) now has five preservative-free dry eye products in multi-dose bottles:

  • NanoTears® TF PF (mild to moderate dry eye relief)

  • NanoTears HA PF (NanoTears TF formula plus as an inactive hyaluronic acid)

  • Activeyes Long Lasting Lubricant Gel Drops PF (Active Ingredients: Polyethyene Glycol 400 0.4% and Propylene Glycol 0.3% )

  • Activeyes Sensitive Lubricant Gel Drops PF (Active Ingredients: Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium 0.5% and Glycerin 0.9%)

  • Activeyes HA Lubricant Gel Drops PF (Active Ingredients: Glycerin 0.5% plus as an inactive hyaluronic acid)

Although NanoTears TF and MXP are also available in preservative-free formulations in unit-dose vials, many patients have a strong preference for the convenience of a multi-dose bottle.

The availability of a technologically advanced preservative-free artificial tear in a multi-dose bottle is a unique advantage of NanoTears. Altaire’s dry eye product supports all the compartments of the tear film using a patented nano-lipid technology to create clear colloidal lipid solutions. On the eye, these nano-sized polar and nonpolar lipids, called NanoPids® (the average size ranges between 10 nm and 30 nm), support the lipid layer, helping to stabilize the tear film to reduce evaporation, prolong tear film breakup time, and reduce osmolarity.

NanoTears® are available in graded formulations for different dry eye severity levels; in addition to containing NanoPids®, all NanoTears® formulations include emollients to keep the eye comfortably lubricated as well as a mucomimetic, large-polymer constituent to protect the ocular surface and prolong retention time.OK

NanoTears® TF (mild dry eye relief) and MXP (severe dry eye relief) formulations are available either with or without preservatives. But even the preserved formulations are preserved with a stabilized peroxy compound, called Vanish™, that breaks down to innocuous constituents almost immediately on the eye.

All the Activeyes products are specially formulated with preservatives so that sensitive eyes can receive relief from dry eyes, delivered in the convenient, easy to use multi-dose container. 

For more information contact Altaire at 800-258-2471 or email

ODs on Facebook Announces Collaboration with Ethis Communications, Inc. to Build Educational Opportunities

WASHINGTON, DC, AND NEW YORK: June 16, 2015ODs on Facebook founder and owner Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO, announced today he is partnering with Ethis Communications, Inc., to expand the educational and networking opportunities offered by ODs on Facebook, the largest eye care industry forum in the world.

Dr. Glazier, who is also founder and CEO of Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care in suburban Washington, DC, launched ODs on Facebook in 2011. Since then, the network has grown to more than 18,800 members across the US, quickly emerging as the hub for active discussion and need-to-know information on clinical, practice management, and legislative issues in optometry. 

ODs on Facebook is chock full of expert-driven content and, unique among social media networks dedicated to optometry, has a broad base of active members. Dozens of threads are initiated daily, with topics ranging from business issues like coding and insurance to significant clinical challenges such as managing late-onset Tay-Sachs disease or a 7-year-old boy’s optic nerve melanocytoma. Clinical threads generate vital feedback within minutes from across the US.  

According to Dr. Glazier, “Social media is rapidly becoming a primary way optometrists learn about the latest developments in their field. My vision in partnering with Ethis Communications, is to leverage their expertise in eyecare and medical communications to bring greater educational and networking opportunities to the active community of ODs on Facebook. We look forward to building our collaboration with offerings such as podcasts, webinars, and live meetings.”

Ethis Communications, which develops clinical insights and marketing content for the ophthalmic industry, aims to strengthen the connection between the members of ODs on Facebook and optometry industry leaders. By sharing relevant educational content and exclusive product developments from therapeutic and ophthalmic device companies, group members will have the unique opportunity to communicate with the game changers of the optometry space through social media.

“Alan Glazier has created an extraordinary network,” said Luca Sergio, CEO of Ethis Communications, “going from zero to the world’s largest optometric social media channel in only a few years. We are excited to bring added clinical and practice-management education to optometry through the medium of Dr. Glazier’s fantastic group.”

A weekly newsletter, to feature the top ODs on Facebook posts with clinical and practice management pearls, will launch later this month.

To learn more, go to ODs on Facebook.

About Dr. Alan Glazier: Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO, is founder of Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care, a medical model practice near Washington, DC; and ODs on Facebook, the profession’s largest social media group. In 2012 and 2013, Dr. Glazier was selected by Vision Monday as one of the most influential optometrists in the country. He is the author of Searchial Marketing: How Social Media Drives Search Optimization In Web 3.0 (AuthorHouse, 2011) which is the culmination of years of research plus his own considerable online experience.

About Ethis Communications, Inc.: Ethis Communications has been a major presence in eyecare communications for almost two decades, offering both traditional and digital content across the spectrum of eyecare professions. Deep relationships with thought leaders and industry players enables Ethis to provide timely, accurate communication in all media and all topics in eyecare.