Awareness Vehicles

Designed to build awareness, white papers, compendia of studies, reports from major industry meetings, poster reviews, reference cards, newsletters, and study abstracts can be created in a variety of innovative formats and designs. Our editorial staff works closely with industry partners, independent researchers, KOLs, and in-the-trenches clinicians to develop media that educates and resonates with our audience.


Demand Generation

We work closely with clients to develop and deploy messaging that supports their marketing initiatives, broadening and deepening awareness through print, e-mail, blogs, mobile apps, social media, video, animation, and live or recorded Webinars.


Interactive Learning Experiences

Graphically and editorially innovative, interactive learning experiences allow doctors to share their clinical challenges and solutions with colleagues. Presented by key influencers, these interactive modules enable doctors to work through challenging cases with expert guidance.


KOL-crafted Treatment Algorithms

Algorithms can simplify and speed disease management. We work with groups of KOLs to craft evidence-based protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of specific ocular disease states. These aim to show clinicians exactly where a product fits in their disease-fighting armamentarium.


Dynamic and informative videos educate viewers about a disease state or product, instruct viewers about the use of a drug or device, and/or demonstrate the use of a product during surgery.

Lead Generation

Need leads for your sales force? Our selling tools generate a rapid response from your market.

KOL Management Tools

A customized pre-populated database can tell you everything you need to know about the KOLs in your product area.


eCommunities empower marketers to collaborate with their customer audiences while gathering engagement analytics through one easy-to-use platform.

Social Media Management

Engage ECPs with a comprehensive digital media strategy, execution, and analysis of results.

  • Design and execution of social media campaigns customized to various channels
  • Daily gathering/posting of relevant news items
  • Analysis of digital media output to inform future strategy
  • Proven and measurable increases in followers, friends, and engagement